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Who We Are

Your defense against payer denials

We believe healthcare is an undeniable right. Our mission is to redefine and evolve the way healthcare is accessed and delivered by unlocking the full value of applied AI. Because Healthcare is Undeniable.

Built on powerful enterprise tech

We crafted an unparalleled platform, leveraging decades of combined excellence in enterprise data, artificial intelligence, and deep tech.

What we're delivering

100x faster claim recovery

<1 minute appeal generation

90 minutes saved per appeal

50% reduction in AR aging

Solving the problems calling us to action

Delayed revenue

Denied claims have providers eating the costs or paying for collections. It's an inefficient tradition of financial burden.

Costly process

Practices are plagued by inefficient claim recovery - often leaving providers with a net-loss even after winning the claim appeal.

Growing denials

At an industry average of 17%, providers are seeing rapid growth in payer denials, a rate of 6% or $44 billion each year.

Each Year

U.S. healthcare providers experience...

claims revenue denied yearly (USD)

net-new claims revenue denied yearly

provider hours spent on claims admin each year

individual claims denied medical necessity each year

How we deploy AI in your practice

Generative AI appeals engine
Our flagship product achieves high-fidelity appeal writing using an informed and sustainable approach.

GPT LLMs trained on denials data
Leading the industry on owned, sourced, and synthetic data for denials management.

Agents as a Service BETA
Designed as your digital twin, agents offload cumbersome payer-provider comms and activities.

Provider-specialty workflows
We support over 30 provider specialties with deeply-nuanced, evidence based reasoning.

Custom model embeddings
Automatically scale your voice, style, or historically successful appeals in minutes.

Clinical citations BETA
Beyond generative text, we're providing generative, peer-validated, knowledge retrieval.

How we're designing undeniable solutions for the entire ecosystem

As a physician, you're in the business of healing - not paperwork. You're meant to practice medicine - not insurance.

Eliminate burnout

Our AI platform manages the tedious work of writing claim appeals, shifting your focus back to patient care and reducing the risk of burnout.

Reduce administrative load

The time your practice spends on appeal admin is significantly cut down, freeing you and your staff to use time where it matters most - with your patients.

Patient advocates play a critical role in navigating the complex world of medical billing and insurance. We offer a platform to enhance your work.

Speed up time to submission

With denyify, you can generate and submit an appeal in minutes, not hours. This quick tunraround means faster results for your practice - and your patients.

Specialty assistance

Our AI can support you in making informed decisions and advocating for your patients more effectively. We're constantly innovating on new ways to integrate patient advocacy into practices at scale.

For medical billers, denyify is a game-changer since it allows anyone to write effective appeals, and therefore empowers you to do the same. This drastically reduces time to submission for an appeal, which your AR will thank you for later.

Generate appeals quickly

No more templates or waiting on the doc - our AI can generate an appeal in seconds, allowing you to proofread and approve for send in minutes.

Abandon cookie-cutter templates

With denyify, there's no need to rely on generic templates or wait for a physician to author and edit an appeal. Our AI customizes each appeal, increasing the chances of claim approval (by 400% when compared to average generic appeal success rates), and reducing the workload on your physicians & advocates.


Frequently Asked Questions

"denyify" as a word itself is a blend between "deny" and "defy" and establishes the impact that denyify drives to your pracice: an opportunity to defy denials.

The platform feeds contextual claims data (e.g. treatment/condition codes) to a series of workflows, which then route requests to an AI model, which generates text to fit denyify's structured appeal framework.

The AI models we use are trained/embedded on/with public data up to April 2023 and private data as of November 2023, which includes information on clinical & evidence-based research, however there may be a multi-month lag as we are still learning how to scale our systems.

Yes, we offer a 60-day credit guarantee. Only pay us if your denials are successfully appealed. We'll guarantee that you'll overturn your first denial in the first month, or you'll get your next month free. If you wish to cancel an annual plan please contact our support chat or your dedicated account manager.

No, appeal regenerations do not count against any limit. Appeal limits across all plans are unlimited and are only billed to you at-cost unless otherwise stated. If you experience consistently degraded performance in appeals generation, please contact support.

Yes, we will sign a BAA and confirm HIPAA compliance.
We'd be happy to discuss next steps :)

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